by Darkening

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released July 7, 2015

All songs, arrangements, and compositions copyright Darkening Music, 2015. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Darkening Atlanta, Georgia

Darkening is one of those bands whom will continue pioneering until the band's demise (which thankfully will not be soon). From epic harmonies to eerie mood-stricken arrangement, Darkening aims to do something that few metal bands have embarked upon as of late - paving an entirely new road for extreme metal which is as uncompromising, unrelenting, ethereal, and gut-wrenching as humanly possible. ... more

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Track Name: Departure
Track Name: Stare at the Faceless Sun
The religion haunts you
as you turn a cold shoulder
to the world around.
Dancing with fire, so those that listen
will believe your lies,
locked away inside.

Stare at the faceless sun,
realized your prayers go unanswered
Stare at the faceless sun,
the tears burn with disgrace.

All the love you knew was lost
All that pain inside, sold to your flock

Knee-deep in the entrails of self-righteousness.
How does it feel to wade through their misfortunes?
Knee-deep in servitude,
unmistaken inner-terror.

The religion haunts you
as you turn a cold shoulder
to the world around.
Track Name: Sorrow Reservoir
Hold your head up high
try to fake a smile,
as your mind recalls
looking in on mine.

Teardrops hit the ground
soft soil where dreams lied,
to your timid soul,



The frigid air inside the soul,
Illuminates the path to bleed
Burn the pyre for me, a thousand
prayers for light (darkness)
Wash away my eyes, abysmal tides give way
to sailing onward in search of

All the fears instilled...
revoking to a silent horror,
irreversible seclusion,
the darkness of the reservoir.

You see my fate
my fate stares back
No stopping now,
the scene goes black.
Sins withdrawn, confession made
to the bleak waters...

Hold your head up high,
try to fake a smile...
as your mind recalls
looking onto mine.
Teardrops hit the ground,
soft soil where dreams lied.

Your timid soul,

((solo: Moore))
Track Name: Whispers in the Trees
We all fell deep into your sins (and waiting for life to begin)
The tears so angrily bereave (to desecrate what you've foreseen)
Soar into derelict, vast confusion...
Fleet all the hope into those that listen

My claw marks on the side of the cellar;
my life is wearing thin
the animal inside, purging all

Ensnaring, Alluring
The nightfall

Whispers in the trees

Remembering, all the belongings of life
heeding the spell of my possession,
waking for only a sigh, and wading through water turned to blood
Surrounded, imprisoned, confined. Left to succumb to the void,

Wander the woods within dusk, part of the night - lost in time.

Gone inside
Regressing thoughts
Actions collide with selfishness...

We are robots of sin
purging all love left within

Ensnaring, alluring the darkness...
Gone inside, fleeting thoughts
of what was (what is)
Sacred, my blood runs black;
spilling upon the druid alters,
transfiguration of the beast...

Track Name: The Ethereal Dusk
Track Name: Etched Within
Another day, another design
sewn in, packed along the walls of hope
Her eyes are turning upward, on the finality of society's flaws;
As if not knowing the space that fits into the holes of her mind.

"Winds that change,
thoughts that maim,
Godless face upon the seas,
swallow me.

Upon the drift, supposed cliffs
wander free to
Trail and see;
Etched in me."

Embers, Climb, See, Blind
Answers, signs, deceived, denied...

She pulls her heart so ever closer to the soothing night...

She looks into the mirror and
sees the eyeless face staring back...
No regrets... (no regrets)

Await the razor to take the sting of death away,
a helpless plea against the skies...

"Winds that change, thoughts that maim
Godless face upon,
the seas swallow me.

Upon the drift, supposed cliffs
wander free, trail and see;
Etched in me..."

Transcending the planes of existence..
her soul wandering the fields..


Forlorn desire
Forlorn; All that you love...
Forlorn; the days....
Mistaken on all fronts....
Track Name: Jodelle
Her past is glowing
Remembering the faces dear to heart
Forlorned, internalized hatred,
unleashing the life force chained inside

Breaking free of her restraints
hands are clasped around your neck,
redeemed impregnation of the serpent

And you feel helpless,
dismembering mental infrastructure
All ties to humanity are clearly lost
in the gaze of her despair

"Jodelle, come back to us"

Behold - her journey into self-destruction
Resurrecting the death that took her family
Experience straight from the depths of hell

"Jodelle, come back to me...
Look past your dreams, escape this sleep...."

Familiar hands that
loved, are what haunts
her comatose reality...
The empathy for stars above...
Her reach neverending.
This new plane of

Awakening, to the empty room
Siphoning, her emotions

Familiar hands that loved,
are what haunts her comatose

"Jodelle, come back to me...
Look past your dreams...escape this sleep.."

Death, so exquisite;
drawing her past.
Painted down the roads,
she's known to loathe....

Awakening, to the empty room
Siphoning, from her empty soul
Awakening, to the empty room
Her emotions astray.

Death, so exquisite;
drawing her past.
Painted, down the roads
she's known to loathe.
Track Name: Imminence
And when the sun falls dusk,
Innocence, it feigns away.
The masses staring into my eyes;
blackened hearts so led astray
Baptismal fire sweeps across my soul
My spirit won't rest until the guilty
are sunk into my depths
of sorrow..

Hang my head to the imminence
Necessitate the will to live
The love I felt, but memory
left behind these pawns I failed to see

And with a clean conscience
A permanent clairvoyant experience
Doom engulfing the wicked
as my empty shell swayed at their gallows.
No escape can be perceived,
as if the trees obscured their view;
whispering back lies to their dismay.
Insomnia sets in

Hang my head to the imminence
Necessitate the lost hope of being
Egocentricity lost within me,
left just behind the dawn...

of desolation
until Eclipse

Of desolation..